Change of Art Festival is a community arts project that was created by a group of theatre practitioners and artists, who came together through shared activism and an affiliation with Hope Not Hate. The Festival takes place in June each year and aims to bring people of different backgrounds and faiths together for a day of celebration of a common theme.

Change of Art Festival is a variety-style show performed by a diverse range of groups and individuals from across the capital. In 2017, we had multi award-winning comedian Bridget Christie performing comedy, alongside John Livingston Dance, an incredible dancer with Down’s Syndrome, a musician doing Bangladeshi folk, brand new theatre pieces and lots, lots more. Our compère for the evening was Sindhu Vee, a British New Comedy Award 2016 finalist.

“Thank you for hosting such a special event! Hugely inspiring.”
– the organisers of The Great Get Together 2017

“If more festivals could be organised with this much heart, the arts would indeed change.”
-Nicholas, from John Livingston Dance

In 2018, we will run the second Change of Art Festival. This year, we’ll be launching a two-month project that will bring local residents in Hackney and Tower Hamlets together to decide what issues are important to them, and what they want the festival to focus on. This project will be run by a trained facilitator from Hope Not Hate, and will build the creative and confidence skills of those involved, giving them an opportunity to learn about how an arts festival runs, and allowing them a platform to voice their opinions. This group will choose a theme for the 2018 festival and help to programme some of the acts. We’ll then invite professional and non-professional artists to submit their creative ideas to be included.

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